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Feb 22, 2017

Nicholson Cup Handicap & Odds

April 9th: Sunday One Day "Nicholson Cup Handicap & Odds" Tournament At PCYC Club, Broadmeadow. Flat entry fee is $20, Juniors $10
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Newcastle District Chess Association
2017 Nicholson Cup – a handicap tournament


 PCYC Newcastle

Young Rd & Melbourne Rd, Broadmeadow NSW 2292


Date:  Sunday 9th April 2017

Rounds:         10:30am       11.15am       12 noon        1.30pm         2.15pm         3.15pm         4.00pm

Registration:            Sunday from 9:30 am

Entry fees:    $20 Juniors $10

Cheques payable to Newcastle District Chess Association


Rate of Play:                        15 minutes + 5 Second Fischer


Brett Saunders 0428 792 579 email:

Handicap odds details

Difference in rating

Higher rated player removes

150 or less

No odds are given

151 up to 300

Queen Bishop Pawn

301 up to 600

Queen Knight

601 up to 900

Queen Knight and Queen Bishop Pawn

901 up to 1200

Queen Rook

1201 or greater



If odds of Rook are given, the player giving the odds (the player who has removed the Queen Rook) can still play a castling move, by moving his King two squares to c1 for White [to c8 for Black]. The normal conditions for castling apply

  • The King has not moved previously
  • There are no pieces of either colour on any of the squares between e1 and a1 [e8 and a8] – these squares are empty
  • The king is not in check
  • The squares d1 and c1 [d8 and c8] are not under attack by the opponent’s pieces

An additional requirement is that the square a1 for White [a8 for Black] has not been occupied by a piece of either colour at any time beforehand.