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Library books

Library Book Manifest & Borrowing Rules

Below is a list of books that are available for borrowing from the Newcastle District Chess Association's Librarian, Mr Trevor McIlveen. Books are allowed to be borrowed only by current members of the Newcastle District Chess Association. Please read the Rules & Guidlines For Borrowing Books carefully, as fines apply for overdue books!

You can contact Trevor and arrange for books to be borrowed on 0411 256 699 or Email him at

Rules & Guidlines For Borrowing Of Books

  1. Loans will be effective from the period starting from the date arranged with the Librarian
  2. A maximum of 3 books per loan period per member can be loaned at any one time
  3. The loan period will be 4 weeks from the starting date arranged between the member and the Librarian
  4. Loans may be extended if authorised by the Librarian
  5. If by the end of the loan period, books have not been returned, and no extension has been authorised, a late fee of $1 per book per day will be charged for each book overdue
  6. The member will pay the late fees (fines) to the Librarian, who will then forward the money to the NDCA Treasurer. The Treasurer will account for the late fees (fines) in his monthly financial statement and put said late fees (fines) into the general account of the NDCA

Library Book Manifest

  1. An Active Repertoire For Black by Drazen Marovic
  2. A book Of Chess by C H O'D Alexander
  3. A Complete Defence to 1 P-K4 – A Study of Petroff’s Defence by Bernard Cafferty & David Hooper
  4. An Expert’s Guide to Chess Strategy by Fred Reinfeld
  5. A Guide to Chess Endings by Max Euwe & David Hooper
  6. A Guide to Chess Openings by Leonard Barden
  7. A Guide to Fairy Chess by Anthony Dickins
  8. A History of Chess by H J R Murray
  9. Alekhine’s Best Games of Chess 1938-45 by C H O’D Alexander
  10. A Pocket Guide to Chess Endgames by David Hooper
  11. Around the Chess World in 80 Years Volume 1 by Fr N J Divinsky
  12. Around the Chess World in 80 Years Volume 2 by Fr N J Divinsky
  13. Attack and Counterattack in Chess by Fred Reinfeld
  14. Attacking the Queenside by Boris Sashin
  15. Attacks and Counterattacks in the Openings – Revolutionary Ideas by Barry Spiro
  16. Australian Chess March/April 2004 Published by Australian Chess Enterprises
  17. Australian Chess March/April 2005 Published by Australian Chess Enterprises
  18. Australian Chess May/June 2005 Published by Australian Chess Enterprises
  19. Australian Chess July/August 2005 Published by Australian Chess Enterprises
  20. Australian Chess Championship 1974 Edited by W MacLean
  21. Australian Chess Forum July 1998 Published by Shaun Press
  22. Australian Chess Forum February 2000 Published by Shaun Press
  23. Australian Chess into the Eighties by Ian Rogers
  24. Australian Chess Lore Volume 1 by ACL et al (Bob Meadley & John van Manen
  25. Australian Chess Magazine October / November 1996 Published by Australian Chess Magazine
  26. Australian Open Chess Championship 1973 Edied by W MacLean
  27. A V R O 1938 Chess Tournament Published bt British Chess Magazine Ltd
  28. Basic Chess Endings by Rueben Fine
  29. Battles Royal of The Chessboard by R N Coles
  30. Bent Larsen The Fighter by Erin Brondum
  31. Besser Schachspielen by Tim Harding
  32. Bishop Endings by Yuri Averbakh
  33. Bishop v Knight Endings br Yuri Averbakh
  34. Blackburne’s Chess Games Edited by P Anderson Graham
  35. Bobby Fischer's Chess Games Edited by Robert G Wade & Kevin J O'Connell
  36. Bobby Fischer’s Outrageous Moves by Bruce Pandolfini
  37. Both Sides of the Chessboard by Robert Byrne & Ivo Nei
  38. Botvinnik The Invincible by Fred Reinfeld
  39. British Chess Masters Past and Present by Fred Reinfeld
  40. Capablanca’s Hundred Best Games of Chess Annotated by Harry Golombek
  41. Carlsbad International Chess Tournament 1929 by Aoron Nimzovitch
  42. Checkers Made Easy by Tom Wiswell
  43. Checkmate in Prague Memoirs of Ludek Pachman Translated by Rosemary Brown
  44. Chess by Gerald Abrahams
  45. Chess A History by Harry Golombek
  46. Chess and Checkers The Way to Mastership by Edward Lasker
  47. Chessboard Delights Selected from the Sunday Telegraph 1964 – 1974 by Comins Mansfield
  48. Chessboard Magic A Collection of 160 Brilliant Chess Endings Compiled & Annotated by Irving Chernev
  49. Chess Combinations as a Fine Art by Golz & Keres
  50. Chess Combinations by A Koblents
  51. Chess Endings Essential Knowledge by Yuri Averbakh
  52. Chess Endings for Beginners Fourteenth Edition by J H Blake
  53. Chess Endings for Beginners Nineteenth Edition by J H Blake
  54. Chess for Amateurs How to Improve Your Game by Fred Reinfeld
  55. Chess for Beginners by I A Horowitz
  56. Chess for Fun and Chess for Blood by Edward Lasker
  57. Chess from Morphy to Botwinnik A Century of Chess Evolution by Imre Konig
  58. Chess in Ten Easy Lessons by Larry Evans
  59. Chess In The Eighties by D Bronstein & G Smolyan
  60. Chess is My Life Autobiography and Games by Viktor Korchnoi
  61. Chess Lessons for Beginners Twelfth Edition by J H Blake
  62. Chess Master V Chess Amateur by Dr Max Euwe & Walter Meiden
  63. Chess Mystery by Question and Answer by Fred Reinfeld
  64. Chess Olympiad Nice 1974 by Ray Keene & David Levy
  65. Chess Praxis The Praxis of My System by Aaron Nimzovitch
  66. Chess Problems Introduction to an Art by Michael Lipton, R C O Matthews & John M Rice
  67. Chess Sacrifices by Leonid Shamkovich
  68. Chess Scandals by E B Edmondson & M Tal
  69. Chess Secrets I Learned from the Masters by Edward Lasker
  70. Chess Strategetics by Franklin K Young
  71. Chess Strategy and Tactics by Fred Reinfeld & Irving Chernov
  72. Chess Tactics and Attacking Techniques by Raymond Edwards
  73. Chess The Complete Self Tutor by Edward Lasker
  74. Chess The Fischer- Spassky Games by Analysed by Samuel Reshevsky
  75. Chess “The Gymnasium of the Mind” by C H O’D Alexander
  76. Chess Theory and Practice The Elements and the Play by W Ritson Morry & W Melville Mitchell
  77. Chess Traps and Stratagems Seventeenth Edition by Rev E E Cunnington
  78. Chess Treasury of the Air by Edited by Terence Tiller
  79. Chess Trick and Treat by E M Reubens
  80. Chess Variations Ancient, Regional and Modern by John Gollon
  81. Classical Chess Edited by Fred Wilson
  82. Matches 1907 – 1913
  83. Combinations The Heart of Chess by Irving Chernev
  84. Commonsense In Chess (Soft Cover) by Emmanuel Lasker
  85. Commonsense In Chess (Hard Cover) by Emmanual Lasker / Revised by Fred Reinfeld
  86. Complete Book of Chess Stratagems by Fred Reinfeld
  87. Contenders for the Crown Who will be the next Chess Champion? by Raymond Keene
  88. Correspondence Chess World Championship by Berliner & Messere
  89. Damengambit by Ludwig Rellstab
  90. Das Endspiel by Dr M Euwe
  91. Der Bauer im Schachspiel by Von Dr Laslo Orban
  92. Die Blockade by Aaron Nimzowitsch
  93. Discover Your Chess Strength by Raymond Keene
  94. Digital Game Timer
  95. Draw by W Heindenfield
  96. Endgame Artillery Queen and Rook Endings by Dr Alex Angos
  97. End Games in Chess The Essential Techniques for Winning by Theo Schuster
  98. Endgame Preparation by John Speelman
  99. Endgame Strategy by M I Shereshevsky
  100. Enterprising Strategy in the Opening by L M Pickett
  101. Evans on Chess by Larry Evans
  102. Exploiting Small Advantages by Eduard Gufeld
  103. Fighting Chess My Games and Career by Garry Kasparov
  104. Fischer v Spassky Reykjavik 1972 by C H O’D Alexander
  105. Fischer v Spassky The Chess Match of the Century by Svetozar Gligoric
  106. Fischer Spassky New York Report on the Chess Match of the Century by Richard Roberts, Harold C Schinberg, Al Horowitz & Samuel Reshevsky
  107. Fischer-Spassky Move by Move by Larry Evans & Ken Smith
  108. Frank J Marshall’s Best Games of Chess by Frank J Marshall
  109. French Defence 1 by French Defence 1 by M H Horton
  110. French MacCutcheon and Advance Lines by T D Harding
  111. From My Chess Games 1920 - 1937 by Dr M Euwe / Translated with notes by F Reinfeld
  112. From the Middlegame into the Endgame by Edmar Mednis
  113. Further Steps in Chess by Owen Hindle
  114. Gambits Accepted A Study of Opening Sacrifices by L Elliott Fletcher
  115. Games Ancient and Oriental and How to Play Them by Edward Falkener
  116. Games of the Chessboard by P Wenman
  117. Grandmasters of Chess by Harold C Schonberg
  118. Great Short Games of the Chess Masters by Fred Reinfeld
  119. Guiness Records The Records by Ken Whyld
  120. Howard Staunton Uncrowned Chess Champion of the World by Bryan M Knight
  121. Howard Staunton 1810 – 74 by D N Levy
  122. How to Beat Bobby Fischer by Edmar Mednis
  123. How to Force Checkmate by Fred Reinfeld
  124. How to Improve Your Chess by I A Horowitz & Fred Reinfeld
  125. How to Play the Endgame In Chess by Leonard Barden
  126. How to Play the Sicilian Defence by David N Levy & Kevin J O’Connell
  127. How to Play Winning Chess by Fred Reinfeld
  128. How to Solve Chess Problems by Kenneth S Howard
  129. How to Think Ahead in Chess The Methods and Techniques of Planning Your Entire Game by I A Horowitz
  130. How to Win in the Chess Openings by I A Horowitz
  131. Inside Chess Magazine August 21, 1995 by Owned by I C E
  132. Instructive Positions from Master Chess by J MIeses
  133. Interzonal Chess Tournament Sousse 1967 by R G Wade
  134. Jose Raul Capablanca Worlds Championship Matches 1921 and 1927 Published by Dover Publications Inc. New York
  135. Karpov Korchnoi 1978 The Inside Story of the Match by Raymond Keene
  136. Karpov v Korchnoi World Chess Championship 1978 by Bent Larsen
  137. Karpov v Korchnoi The World Chess Championship 1981 by W R Hartson
  138. Kasparov London-Leningrad Championship by Garry Kasparov
  139. Keres’ Best Games of Chess 1931 – 1948 Annotated by Fred Reinfeld
  140. Kings Gambit A Game Collection by T G Thimann
  141. Kings of Chess by William Winter
  142. King Power in Chess by Edmar Mednis
  143. Knight Endings by Yuri Averbakh & Vitaly Chekhover
  144. Korchnoi v Spassky Chess Crisis by Raymond Keene
  145. Lacking the Master Touch by W Heidenfeld
  146. Lasker’s Greatest Chess Games 1889 – 1914 by Annotated by Fred Reinfeld
  147. Lasker’s Manual of Chess by Emmanuel Lasker
  148. Learn from the Grandmaster Edited by Raymond D Keene
  149. Lehr – Und Handbuch Der Endspiele Band I by Andre Cheron
  150. Lehr – Und Handbuch Der Endspiele Band II by Andre Cheron
  151. Lehr – Und Handbuch Der Endspiele Band III by Andre Cheron
  152. Leonard Barden’s Chess Puzzle Book Published by Faber & Faber
  153. Leonid Stein Master of Attack by Raymond D Keene
  154. Les Echecs by Camil Seneca
  155. Lessons in Chess Strategy by W H Cozens
  156. Logical Chess Move by Move by Irving Chernov
  157. Manual of the Endgame by J Mieses
  158. Masters of the Chess Board by Richard Reti
  159. Maxims of Chess by John W Collins
  160. Mein System by A Nimzowitsch
  161. Middlegame The Defence Triumphs by Kotov
  162. Mikhail Tal’s Best Games of Chess Annotated by P H Clarke
  163. Miniatures from the World Champions by Anatoly Karpov
  164. Modern Chess Brilliances Published by Simon & Schuster
  165. Modern Chess Strategy by Ludek Pachman
  166. Modern Chess Openings - Eleventh Edition - by Walter Korn
  167. Modern End Game Studies for the Chess Player by Hans Bouwmeester
  168. Modern Grandmaster Chess by Andrew Karklins
  169. Modern Ideas in Chess by Richard Reti
  170. Modern Ideas in the Chess Openings by I A Horowitz
  171. Montreal 1979 Tournament of Stars by M Tal, V Chepizhny & A Roshal
  172. More Chess Questions Answered by R W Bonham & R D Wormald
  173. Morphy Chess Masterpieces by Fred Reinfeld & Andrew Soltis
  174. Morphy’s Games of Chess (Hard Copy) Analysed by J Lowenthal
  175. Morphy’s Games of Chess (Soft Copy) Annotated by Philip W Sergeant with an introduction by Fred Reinfeld
  176. Moscow Marathon The World Chess Championship 1984 / 85 by J Speelman and J Tisdall
  177. Mr Chess The Ortvin Sarapu Story by Ortvin Sarapu
  178. My Best Chess Games by Arnold S Denker
  179. My Best Games of Chess 1908 – 1923 by Alexander Alekhin
  180. My Best Games of Chess by V V Smyslov
  181. My Chess Career by J R Capablanca
  182. My 60 Memorable Games by Bobby Fischer (soft cover)
  183. My 60 Memorable Games by Bobby Fischer
  184. New Ideas in Chess by Larry Evans
  185. New Traps in the Chess Opening by Al Horowitz
  186. New York 1916 Rice Memorial Chess Tournament Edited by P W Sergeant
  187. Nigel Short World Chess Challenger by Raymond Keene
  188. Nigel Short’s Best Games by Raymond Keene
  189. Nigel Short’s Chess Skills Published by Hamlyn Publishing Group Ltd
  190. Nimzovich the Hypermodern by Fred Reinfeld
  191. Official Rules of Chess Second Edition Edited by Martin E Morrison
  192. 1 b4 Sokolsky Opening by D N Levy
  193. 100 Master Games of Modern Chess by Dr S Tartakower & J Du Mont
  194. 100 Other Games to Play on a Chessboard by Stephen Addison
  195. 100 Remarkable Endings by P Wenman
  196. 101 Chess Problems for Beginners Edited by Fred Reinfeld
  197. 1001 Brilliant Ways to Checkmate by Fred Reinfeld
  198. 1234 Modern Endgame Studies Compiled by M A Sutherland & H M Lommer
  199. Pawn Power in Chess by Hans Kmoch
  200. Petroff Defence A Line for White by M H Horton
  201. Petrosian’s Best Games of Chess Edited by P H Clarke
  202. Pillsbury’s Chess Career by P W Sergeant & W H Watts
  203. Play Chess Combinations and Sacrifices by David Levy
  204. Play for Mate by David Hooper & Bernard Cafferty
  205. Play the Bogo-Indian by S Taulbut
  206. Play in the Evans Gambit A Study in Depth by Bernard Cafferty / Tim Harding
  207. Play the St George by Michael Basman
  208. Play the St George by David Hooper
  209. Practical Chess Endings by Irving Chernev
  210. Practical Endgame Lessons by Edmar Mednis
  211. Principles of Chess in Theory and Practice by James Mason
  212. Queen and Pawn Endings by Yuri Averbakh
  213. Queen v Rook / Minor Piece Endings by Yuri Averbakh ,V Chekhover & V Henkin
  214. Reshevsky’s Best Games of Chess by Samuel Reshevsky
  215. Reti’s Best Games of Chess Annotated by H Golombek
  216. Rook v Minor Piece Endings by Yuri Averbakh
  217. Reubenstein’s Chess Masterpieces 100 Selected Games Annotated by Hans Kmoch
  218. Sacrifices in the Sicilian by Sacrifices in the Sicilian
  219. Salo Flohr’s Best Games of Chess by Gregory S Donges
  220. San Remo 1930 El Record De Victorias del Dr Alekhine by Dr J Adolf Seitz
  221. Schachclubs Nurnberg by Sammlung Samtlicher Partien
  222. Second Book of Chess Strategy by G M Lisityn & B Cafferty
  223. Second Piatigorsky Cup Edited by Isaac Kashdan
  224. Simple Chess by Michael Stean
  225. Sixty Best Games 1969 through 1971 Published by Chess Digest
  226. Soviet Chess Championship by M M Botvinnik
  227. Spanish (Ruy Lopez) Marshall by T D Harding
  228. Spassky’s 100 Best Games by Bernard Cafferty
  229. Staunton Centenary Tournament by H Golombek
  230. Storming the Royal Fortress by Baranov
  231. Tactical Ideas in Chess by John Love
  232. Tactics in the French by Gennady Nesis
  233. Teach Yourself Better Chess by Bill Hartson
  234. Test Your Chess by Gerald Abrahams
  235. The Archangel! A Defence Against the Ruy Lopez by Ron Henley & Paul Hodges
  236. The Art of Attack in Chess by V Vukovic
  237. The Art of Checkmate by Georges Renaud & Victor Kahn
  238. The Art of Chess Analysis by Jan Timman
  239. The Art of Sacrifice in Chess by Rudolf Spielman
  240. The Art of the Middlegame by Paul Keres & Alexander Kotov
  241. The Battle of Baguio City Karpov-Korchnoi 1978 by W R Hartson
  242. Te Brilliant Touch in Chess by Walter Korn
  243. The Book of the Hastings International Masters Chess Tournament 1922 by Alekhine
  244. The Book of the London International Chess Congress 1922 Annotated by Geza Maroczy
  245. The Book of the New York International Chess Tournament 1924 Edited by Herman Helms
  246. The Book of the Nottingham International Chess Tournament 1936 Annotated by A Alekhine
  247. The Book of the World Championship Kasparov v Karpov London / Leningrad 1986 by Bob Wade, Tony Miles, David Bronstein, William Hartson, Les Baldstock, Andrew Martin, Roger Lancaster & Hilary Thomas
  248. The Bright Side of Chess by Irving Chernev
  249. The Centenary Match Kasparov Karpov III by Raymond Keene & David Goodman
  250. The Chess of Gligoric by David N Levy
  251. The Chess Legacy of Jose Raoul Capablanca Last Lectures by Jose Raoul Capablanca
  252. The Chess Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes by Raymond Smullyan
  253. The Chess Players Handbook by Howard Staunton
  254. The Chess Sacrifice by Vladimir Vukovic
  255. The Competitive Players Handbook May 1991 Published by the New South Wales Chess Association
  256. The Compleat Draughts Player by Irving Chernev
  257. The Complete Chess Player by Edward Young
  258. The Cream of Tournament Chess Part One by L C Ingram
  259. The Delights of Chess by Assiac
  260. The Development of Chess Style by Dr Max Euwe
  261. The Dragon! A Sicilian Counterattack by Ron Henley & Paul Hodges
  262. The Encyclopaedia of Chess by Annie Sunnucks
  263. The Games Played in the London International Chess Tournament 1883 by Edited by J I Minchin
  264. The Game of Chess by H Golombek
  265. The Golden Treasury of Chess (Soft Cover) by Compiled by I A Horowitz
  266. The Golden Treasury of Chess (Hard Cover) by Francis J Wellmuth
  267. The Great Chess Automaton by Charles Michael Carroll
  268. The Great Chess Tournaments and their Stories by Andy Soltis
  269. The Guardian Chess Book by Leonard Barden
  270. The Human Side of Chess by Fred Reinfeld
  271. The Ideas Behind the Chess Openings by Reuben Fine
  272. The Inside Story of the World Chess Championship Fischer v Spassky by Harry Golombek
  273. The International Chess Congress St Petersburg 1909 Edited by Emmanuel Lasker
  274. The Italian Game by T D Harding & G S Botterill
  275. The King-Hunt by W H Cozens
  276. The King's Indian Attack by Norman Weinstein
  277. The Labyrinth of Chess Attack by Lev Aptekar
  278. The Laws and Practice of Chess Its Theory & Practice by Howard Staunton
  279. The Laws of Chess and their Interpretations Edited by H Golombek
  280. The Marshall Attack by John Nunn & Tim Harding
  281. The Master Game by Jeremy James & Leonard Barden
  282. The Middle Game in Chess by Reuben Fine
  283. The Moscow Challenge Karpov Kasparov by Raymond Keene
  284. The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played by Irving Chernev
  285. The New King Anatoly Karpov by Robert Byrne
  286. The Open Game in Action by Anatloy Karpov
  287. The Pan Book of Chess by Gerald Abrahams
  288. The Penguin Book of Chess Openings by W R Hartson
  289. The Pleasure of Chess by Assiac
  290. The Potter Memorial by Ken Messere
  291. The Russians Play Chess by Irving Chernev
  292. The Ruy Lopez Winning Chess with 1 P – K4 by Leonard Barden
  293. The Schliemann Variation of the Ruy Lopez by Tibor Florian
  294. The Secret of Tactile Chess by Fred Reinfeld
  295. The Semi Closed Openings in Action by Anatoly Karpov
  296. The Sicilian! An Overview by Jon Edwards
  297. The Soviet School of Chess by A Kotkov & M Yudovich
  298. The Sydney International Chess Tournament 1979 Published by the New South Wales Chess Association
  299. The Tactics of Endgames by Jeno Ban
  300. The Times Winning Moves by Raymond Keene
  301. The Treasury of Chess Lore Edited by Fred Reinfeld
  302. The Two Knights Defence by Yakov Estrim
  303. The World Chess Championship by S Gligoric
  304. The World Championship A History by I A Horowitz
  305. The World Chess Crown Challenge Annotated by David Bronstein
  306. The World Chess Championship Karpov Kasparov Moscow 85 Published by Raduga Moscow
  307. The World’s Chess Championship 1937 by A A Alekhine
  308. The World’s Great Chess Games Edited by Reuben Fine
  309. The World’s Greatest Chess Games by Graham Burgess, Dr John Nunn & John Emms
  310. The 1988 Australian Chess Championships
  311. 30 Problems by Ehrenstein Compiled by P Wenman
  312. 31 U S S R Chess Championship Leningrad 1963 by Published by British Chess Magazine Ltd
  313. 360 Brilliant and Instructive End Games by A A Troitzky
  314. Tigran Petrosian World Champion by Count A O’Kelly De Galway
  315. Total Chess by David Spanier
  316. Twelfth Chess Tournament of Nations by Salo Flohr
  317. 22nd U S S R Chess Championships by H Golombek
  318. 200 Open Games by David Bronstein
  319. What’s the Best Move by Larry Evans
  320. What’s the Next Move by What’s the Next Move
  321. William Steinitz Selected Chess Games Edited by Charles Divide
  322. Winning Chess Openings by Fred Reinfeld
  323. Winning Chess Traps by Irving Chernev
  324. Wonders and Curiosities of Chess by Irving Chernev
  325. World Chess Championship by W Winter & R G Wade
  326. World Chess Championship 1986 by Manuel Aaron


Library acquisitions - March 2016



Jeremy Silman (2001), The reassess your chess workbook: How to master chess imbalances

Jeremy Silman (1993), How to reassess your chess

Yasser Seirawan (2003), Winning chess: Play winning chess

Yasser Seirawan (2003), Winning chess: Openings

Yasser Seirawan (1999), Winning chess: Endings

Yasser Seirawan (2003), Winning chess: Tactics

Lev Alburt, Roman Dzindzichashvill and Eugene Perelshteyn (2005), Chess openings for Black, explained: A complete repertoire

Mike Basman (1987), Chess openings

Bruce Pandolfini (2003), Pandolfini’s ultimate guide to chess

Bruce Pandolfini (1989), Chess openings: traps and zaps

Bruce Pandolfini (1989), Weapons chess

Bruce Pandolfini (1988), Pandolfini’s endgame course

Roman Pelts and Lev Alburty (1986), Comprehensive chess course: Volume 1 – Learn chess in 12 lessons

Kames Eade (2004), The chess player’s bible

D.B. Pritchard (2004), Chess for beginners

Josh Waitzkin (1995), Josh Waitzkin’s attacking chess

Larry Evans (2003), 100 easy checkmates

David Norwood (1990), The Usborne guide to advanced chess



Amatzia Avni (1994), Blunders in chess

Yasser Seirawan (1995), Winning chess: Brilliancies

Yasser Seirawan (2003), Winning chess: Tactics

J. and W.T. Pierce (1874), Supplement to chess problems

Andrew Kinsman (2000), Improve your middlegame play

Mark Buckley (1987), Practical chess analysis

Angus Dunnington (ud), Starting out: defensive play

Martin Weteschnik (2006), Understanding chess tactics

End of Manifest

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