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We are back playing chess each week @ Wests City club in 2024.


For now ALL inquiries contact  Peter Whelan mob 0438545937 or Ron Groenhout on ph 02 4954 9272 /mob  0414 57 1111 or click on the "Contact Us" tab in the left hand column to send an Email.

The Newcastle District Chess Association (NDCA) was established in 1961. The Association caters for competitive chess players in the Newcastle and surrounding District. Many keen, but closet chess players, compete on the internet, but do not play in Over The Board (OTB) games at the local chess club. This is unfortunate, as these players miss out on the social aspect of the chess club. The NDCA offers a friendly social and tournament type environment with chess play for real people from all walks of life, including junior players who wish to progress to senior and competitive play. All lovers of the Royal Game are welcome to come and join the NDCA. You can play socially (with or without clocks) or compete in as many tournaments as you like.

"In House" chess coaching is provided by Ron Groenhout, one of our senior players who has had a wealth of experience over many years in competitive play. Ron will take beginner & novice players to the level where they feel comfortable in being able to compete in rated competitions. In fact we specifically hold Under 1200 & Novice Tournaments for new and lower ranked players at The Club so that these players vie against players of their own strength. The NDCA also welcomes NSW Junior Chess League (NSWJCL) chess players in tournaments.

The NDCA is affiliated with the governing body of chess in NSW (New South Wales Chess Association)which is affiliated with the Australian Chess Federation (ACF), which is in turn is affiliated with the world governing body of chess FIDE (Federation Internationale des Echecs).

The NDCA runs a range of tournaments including:

  • Under 1200 & Novice Tournament - usually commences in January.
  • The Newcastle open - held in February each year.
  • The City of Newcastle Championship - usually held in May.
  • The Newcastle District Championship - usually held in July/August.
  • Various Lightning & Rapid-Play Tournaments, as well as Chess Variants such as Teams Chess, Chess 960 and Kriegspiel throughout the year.

L to R: IM Gary Lane & Toby Coates: Gary Losh & WIM Kate Jarek: IM Gary Lane & WIM Nancy Lane