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FAQ's about Chess @ NDCA

How old you have to be to play chess?
  • Basically any age as long as you are able to attend the club...
Where is chess played at?
  • Every Tuesday evening from 7pm @ Wests City (formerly Panthers club ). Club entry requirements.
Does the chess club offer any chess coaching?
  • As such there is no formal coaching of players. However if you ask some of the stronger players are more than happy to give you guidance during your play.
Who should I play with, I am only starting off?
  • If you are unrated player you are best to start playing with lower ranked players initially and then with stroger ones. But in saying that it is good to play against as many different players as they all have their techniques and that will only better your experience in any future plays.
Do I have to play in club tournaments?
  • It is up to you. You can play in as many as you like or none and just enjoy the social side of chess.
I am not a NDCA member can I still participate in tournaments?
  • As long as you are NSWCA member, you can play during NDCA tournaments. International players please email before any tournaments
Do I have to attend Club on regular basis?
  • You can attend as often as you can, every person has different needs so make time when you can.